It was *awesome*, totally worth it!

Confession time! When I first saw the @primoworkz armrest, I thought it looked gimmicky, but after reading a couple of reviews, I decided to order one. Both of my #uzj100s have discoloration on the top of the door card on the driver's side, and it bugs me to no end. I've considered ordering the @one_stone_armrests from Australia, but they don't really make them for a 100 and I didn't want to risk it until I saw one in person. I got the @primoworkz unit last week and promptly had a chance to try it out on a 500-mile round trip to #DFW this week. It was *awesome*, totally worth it! It stays in place, provides support for my arm and covers the discoloration. Triple win! Small but powerful upgrade that can be moved between both trucks!

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