What is a Primo Workz Armrest?

Primo Workz armrests offer an innovative solution to driver comfort, extra storage, and additional cupholders to any vehicle. Anyone that regularly drives a vehicle, goes overlanding, or drives on a roadtrip will appreciate the comfort offered by these armrests. In addition to providing a large padded area to rest your arm on - it provides storage for cellphones, cash, wallets, radios, knives etc - and you can even select an armrest with a built-in cupholder!  All of this delivers a great-looking, durable and top-quality accessory for your vehicle.

Watch the short video below where Miguel tells us more about the Armrests, what they do, and the benefits of using them. You will quickly realize that...


The benefits of using a Primo Workz Armrest...

It improves Driver Comfort

Stop resting your arm on the hard plastic door panel! Primo Workz armrests provide an 8.5' by 4.5' padded area to rest your arm on while driving. You will be pleasantly surprised by how much better it feels to drive your car when your arm is rested in comfort on a Primo Workz armrest. Not only that, but it also protects your door panel from wear and discoloring.

It adds Extra Storage

Primo Workz armrests provide open and zipper pockets for additional storage on your door panel. This removes clutter from your center console as well as providing additional storage. We find it is an ideal place to store our cellphones (much better than using a cupholder!) - as well as radio's when on the trails. It can also be used to store receipts and coins.

It adds a Cupholder

As we all know, most offroad vehicles (such as the Jeep Wrangler and Ford Bronco) are limited in the number of cupholders they provide. We offer a wide variety of armrests, and some add cupholders to your door panel that will not fall off when you close the door or interfere with using your window. Most people prefer the cupholder to be towards the front of the armrest (closer to the dash) - which led us to develop a drivers side cupholder (cupholder on the right of the armrest) and a passenger side cupholder (cupholder on the left of the armrest). The cupholder provides a secure place for most drink sizes, from plastic ware bottles, aluminum cans and most tumblers - even 40 oz tumblers with a tapered base.

It is Easy to Install

Installing a Primo Workz armrest is as simple as hanging the armrest on the top of your door panel.  There are no need for screws, glues, tape or velcro - simply hang the armrest on your door panel.  The top of the armrest fits onto the back of the door panel (closest to the window) and does not actually touch the window, so the armrest will not interfere with the operation of the window, it will not fall off when you open or close the window and it will not damage window tint.  To achieve the optimum fit and stability, you may have to bend the armrest to fit the profile of your door - the perfect fit is when the top of the armrest is parallel to the floor.

It is Top Quality

Primo Workz armrests are manufactured from the best materials available to ensure that it will last forever and keep on looking as great as the day you purchased it.  We use a Stainless Steel plate on the inside, allowing you to bend the armrest to optimally fit your door as many times as you need to, without weakening the metal.  Another benefit of Stainless Steel is that it does not rust - so the armrest can be washed or soaked without any damage.  The outside materials are either 600D Canvas or 400 gsm Ripstop - both provide excellent tactile feel, abrasion resistance and ease of cleaning.  Primo Workz armrests are manufactured using industrial grade #5 YKK zippers and Sliders - the worlds leading manufacturer of zippers.  

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